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So what would you like to know? Thunder Chunky has been around since 2003 and is a bit of a hybrid-mix of interviews and articles. Our simple aim is to keep all you people out there amused and interested for as long as we can before you find something genuinely important to do with your day.

Jon Raffe

Liverpool-based digital designer. Still the reigning table-tennis champ, since we no longer have a table-tennis table! I tend to post about illustration and animation.


Stephen Chan

Illustrator + member of: + Tiger AKA artist + skilled in isometric + characters + patterns + etc


Ste Johnson

Ste is a big fan of using a pencil on paper. Enjoys illustration, design and is always with the best of intentions


Mike Ng

Designer and daddy from Liverpool who's big on 80's nostalgia. Likes talking about illustration, tees and music. Pretty woeful in quizzes.


Andriana Katsiki

A Greek New Media Artist and Designer currently living in Athens. Loves daydreaming.


Adam Irwin

Adam Irwin is a visual designer based in Liverpool focusing on online and identity design. He enjoys trips to the park with his family, comic book shop and Anfield to shout at Liverpool FC.


Ben O'Brien

Known as 'Ben the Illustrator' but also fuelled by design, architecture and animation. Believer in the healing properties of colours.


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Sketching goodness from CHRISTOPHER LEE

Sketching goodness from CHRISTOPHER LEE

California-based illustrator and designer Chris Lee has been busy of late, doing all manner of projects right across the design spectrum. But he was...

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Latest interview

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we’re travelling back in time, back to the Victorian era for a quick chat with the World’s Leading Victorian...

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Featured project

TC Versus The Internet

TC -vs- The Internet

Check out our latest project, where we’ve invited a handful of great illustrators to help us combine our powers against an unstoppable force — ‘The Internet’!

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Jimmy Corrigan

Media Temple

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