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A day in the eyes of
Gareth Conway

This time around, our ‘A day in the eyes’ feature pays a visit to Children’s illustrator Mr. Gareth Conway who we got a chance to nose at his work in a recent Thunder Chunky inspiration feature.

Here Mr. Conway talks us through his typical illustration fuelled day.


Two to three times a week I like to go for a run first thing in the morning, my wife and I take it in turns. I very rarely move from my desk so going for a run gets me out of the house more and I get some exercise.


We also share walking our daughter to school so that’s another way of getting some fresh air a couple of times a week, if only for half an hour or so, but it also means more time with The Moog! Today was my day.


Music plays a very large part in my day, whether it’s picking something from this little lot to listen to, picking something in my iTunes library or listening to BBC 6music, I find it difficult to work in total silence.


9:15am and the PC is on and I’m working. Today I am working on a monochrome piece for my portfolio.


Tea break! Very important.


My daughter has done lots of lovely pictures to go on my office wall, only a small wall so I need to update them every now and again, the older ones go into a file for safe keeping.


Don’t use these much anymore, I mostly draw straight into the computer these days for speed.


Twitter gets checked regularly, it’s played a huge part in my career considering I’ve only been on it about a year or so. I was approached to join The Bright Agency after one of the agents spotted me on Twitter and for that i’m hugely grateful.


Love a good comic or ‘art of…’ book for inspiration. Books are the future ;)


Characters done (for now)


Spot of lunch, chicken salad wraps today…yum!


I tend to have about half an hour to an hour for lunch and in that time tend to work my way through films (over a few days). Today was the last half hour or so of Monsters University.


Artwork finished and ready to be emailed to Bright to be added to my portfolio (hopefully).


Time for the little ‘un to choose a bedtime story. Night, night.


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