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A day in the eyes of
Hine Mizushima

This weeks Vancouver based guest was featured in our Princesses of Plush post, a few years back. We caught up with the felt needle wielding wizard, Hine Mizushima, and made her put down her needle (briefly) and pick up her camera for us…enjoy…


My cat woke me up, instead of my iPhone alarm clock, on a late weekend morning.


My typical simple small breakfast. Some berry cornflakes with banana, and a cup of strong English tea with lots of milk. Then internet time begins…


We went to have a late lunch at the Ukrainian cafe (because we had a Groupon which was going to expire in 2 days!). I really loved the Borsch!


Then we shared a cabbage roll, stuffed sweet pepper and two types of yummy perogies.


Nice afternoon sky in Vancouver.


I finally found that box of spring/summer clothes in the basement! I needed them!


Printed some of my artwork to sell on my Etsy shop.


It was very nice outside, so I put a blanket in our backyard, and read a book for a while with a cup of green tea, accompanied by my cat.


Found a dragonfly! It looked like it was not injured, so I put it on a safe place in the backyard.


At the moment, there is a diorama set in my tiny studio, for a commissioned photograph work for a Japanese website.


My camera for shooting the diorama (I need a new one…).


Made an additional prop (smoke) for the diorama.


Photo editing, listening to Devo’s 1st album, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!.

-15 v2

Disassembled another diorama.


A slug I made, from the disassembled diorama. He is looking for something…


Around 7pm, we were going to Richmond (south of Vancouver) by car, to have some yummy Asian food at the Richmond Night Market, with our son and his friend.


My husband’s favorite, chicken Arroz Caldo (Filipino Style Congee) & pork BBQ!


We ate too much! But this Mango Sago (fresh mango, coconut milk, condensed milk, grapefruit and sago bubbles) is our must-have dessert at the night market!


So crowded!


Came back from the night market, and took a bath, then read a Japanese book in bed. Good night!

A big thanks to Hine Mizushima for sharing a part of her life with us, be sure to check out much more of her work & life on flickr and instagram.


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