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A day in the eyes of
Jeffrey Bowman

The second in our series of features where we delve into the eyes of the creative folks who inspire us. Jeffrey Bowman is a UK designer & illustrator now based in Norway, and he decided to give us an insight into his world on the last day of snowboard season in Hemsedal, Norway. So, lend us your looking-eyes Jeffrey…


(L) Today was the last day of the Snowboard season, so I got up early checked the weather outside and it was windy and grey, not the best, but it’s the last day so I was heading to the hill no matter what.

(R) Made some riding fuel. I normally get up about 9.30-10 and start with coffee and eggs. I didn’t need to be at the studio until later today so took it easy.


(L) The walk down to the bus stop has some incredible views. Each day is completely different, but always inspiring.

(R) Waited for the bus and checked to see the damage a season of riding has inflicted on my board.


(L) Got the lift, had the whole place to myself as not many people were there yet.

(R) Got to the top and it was super icy and windy, a bit disappointed, as it had been slushy and hot all weekend, not good for the last day.


(L) Dropped in and shredded for an hour or so waiting for people to arrive.

(R) Looking back into the village from the chair lift.


(L) Coffee break, and general sad vibes about the conditions and it being the last day.

(R) Back to it, wrapped up because of the wind, had been riding in just a hoody at the weekend, was a dramatic difference. Felt like -10.


(L) The wind got so strong we called it a day, everyone headed home around 3pm.

(R) Had to do a couple of hours work, just on some info graphics for Sheffield Uni.


(L) Headed down to Igloo studio to check my mail and send the files. Normally I’m there most days, all day. But if I ride then I go later on in the day.

(R) Reidar picked me up about 6pm and we went for a sauna at the guy’s house. Pretty common that everyone has saunas in their house here. Then we stroked this cat and drove to a BBQ.


BBQ didn’t happen, even though the storm passed and the sun came out. We hung out and ate some food inside and had a couple of beers before heading to the bar to meet everyone about 1030pm.


It was pretty dark in the bar, but it was the last day so everyone was out. A lot of people were leaving the next day until the start of next winter, some staying through summer, so it was good to see people before they left.


And to go full circle this was the next day, such a difference from the day before.


The walk down to the studio to start a full day of work, which I would have documented but it was far less exciting.

And that’s a day in Jeffrey’s eyes! Keep an eye on his site for fresh work and news.


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