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A day in the eyes of
Pete Fowler

Third up in our series of through-the-keyhole-style artist photo journals is the man behind @themonsterist, the one and only Pete Fowler. You’ll have seen Pete’s work everywhere from vinyl toys, to exhibition paintings, wall murals, his Seahawks music and of course his legendary pairing with the Super Furry Animals. Now you can see a day through his eyes. Take it away Pete…

Pete Fowler's Clarks shoes

#1 A Clarks shoe day

Local school’s mosaic mural. Random sticker on Cheshire st

#2 Local school’s mosaic mural. Random sticker on Cheshire st

Receipts and coffee for breakfast

#3 Receipts and coffee for breakfast

Poster insert of America’s Harbor LP. Intimate crowd

#4 Poster insert of America’s Harbor LP. Intimate crowd.

Pete Fowler's early 60’s Raleigh bike

#5 My early 60’s Raleigh bike, sadly soon to be decommissioned.

Pete Fowler's corkboard and drill driver set

#6 My corkboard and my drill driver set. Nice.

Henry hoover and paint palette

#7 Best friend Henry and second best friend my palette.

A Pete Fowler painting

#8 Macro detail of a painting commission.

Pete Fowler in an apron

#9 Apron on and full steam ahead.

Steely Dan and Bob Haro

#10 Steely Dan and Bob Haro.

Posting secret postcards and an old Navy Land rover

#11 Posting my secret postcards for the RCA show and an old Navy Land rover. This has been parked here for 15 years.

Local art shop and snazzy shoes

#12 One of my local art shops and truly insane gents footwear.

New canvas

#13 Bento box and the smell of a new canvas.


#14 Dude from the band America. Note rolling paper tee.

Pete Fowler toy and acrylic paint

#15 Wee guy from a very old diorama and my favourite acrylic paint brand.

Pete Fowler's paint brushes

#16 Brushes I have known, loved and worn out.

Horsing around and fridge

#17 Horsing around with an empty fridge (bar coffee).

Pete Fowler painting commission

#18 Painting commission in progress with small brushes.

Pete Fowler art

#19 Painting study and a dude made from waste embroidery thread.

Fake KAWS figure

#20 Squid CD holder and fake KAWS figure. Priming a canvas.

Pete Fowler's pint and pyjamas

#21 A well deserved pint and nautical pyjama time.

KEF104aB speakers

#22 My lovely KEF104aB speakers play Steely Dan’s Gaucho and R Seiliog.

Stagg tele

#23 My guitars. The Stagg tele copy is my favourite with it’s nasty sound.

summer rolls

#24 Making summer rolls at home from a recipe on the iPad.

summer rolls

#25 A success! Very, very tasty!

Pete Fowler drawing

#26 Late night drawing with 2B pencil.

Korg Volca synth

#27 Obsessed with my new Korg Volca synth, so much fun!

homemade banana and chocolate sorbet

#28 The last of my homemade banana and chocolate sorbet.

And that’s a day in Pete’s eyes! Keep an eye on his site for fresh work, and spy on him over on his twitter @themonsterist.


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