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A day in the eyes of
Scott Duffey

Continuing our series of sneaky peaks inside the lives of artists, we are delighted to have Liverpool-based designer and illustrator Mr. Scott Duffey. A keen screen printer and gig poster creator we take a look at an average day of this talented chap.


MORNING – I sleep through my alarm and hit snooze about 8 times. Finally I have no choice to wake up as a tiny fluff ball, who lodges with us, sits on me until I get up.


FIGHT – After a shower the battle begins. I attempt to put my socks on but this creature takes a liking to them, even though he would have next to no use for them.


Walk – Take this tiny four legged nearly Guinea pig out for a walk.


Mystery – We cross the road on the way home at the same point as he won’t walk past this grill. No idea why.


Drop Pip off back at home grab my stuff and make a quick pace as at this point I have realised I am running late. My walk to work at Listen Creative is pretty great must admit.


A new addition to the walk in to work at the Albert Dock. A converted steam car thing that sells Ice Cream but not at this time.


Really lucky to walk past the Tate every morning. Really should attend more there but always get side tracked and miss things. Its the Jackson Pollock Exhibition at the moment so I am saying it here I will attend this one.


Make it to our awesome office located in the interior of the Albert Dock … but Late. For an idea of what we do check out our site here


Sit down and set up for the day. Coffee number 1.


The morning flies by working at Listen and then its Lunch. Me and Ste do lunch for one another everyday. Ste’s turn today we have a Stilton and Pear salad.


The post arrives at some point and Ste has spent all his pocket money on a VR headset for his phone. Think he is playing Donkey Simulator 4 here.


I get some new clobber delivered from the class Daggers for Teeth. check out his wares here


We had a Summer party the other week in the Listen Studio where we invited clients, friends and family down. Since then we have been all expanding from the snacks that were left.


Coffee number 2. Need that Caffeine boost to get the next lot of work done.


After the leaving the office I decide to go grab some reads via Liverpool One to make my self look interesting for this.


Just before getting home I drop by the Bluecoat to book my next session in the Screen printing studio.


I get home to be greeted by this horror.


Luce is in work tonight so its a working evening. Start by switching on Adventures in Design on got loads of episodes to catch up on whilst doing some work for a friend. (Desk is not usually this tidy we had mates round earlier in the week so its tidy for once).


Brew time. Usually this would be a beer BUT trying to be healthy at the moment. I am regretting it already.


Sit down to have a flick through my purchase from earlier. I was a massive fan of the Scott Pilgrim books so hoping this doesn’t disappoint.


EATS. Make some sushi and continue Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley, its great highly recommend it. The book not the sushi.


Finally some sketching time. Sketch some Ideas for an exhibition I am helping organise and taking part in with The Print Social. See what they get up to here Just after Midnight Luce gets back from work. Pencils down and we watch some Netflix before hitting the hay.


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