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Posted Jun 15th 2009 by

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Ben the Illustrator ‘shows progress’

Ben the Illustrator has definitely improved greatly during the past few years, but I don’t need to tell you that, you can see it with your own eyes. We have become ‘Twitter’ addicts recently, and this has to be one of the highlights the site has brought us. During the span of 1 short day Ben updated his twitter followers with Progress Shots every hour or so, for the creation of his ‘Bubble Trees’ art print. It was just so exciting waiting for the next update, and seeing the process, from start to finish (all the bits you usually don’t get to see).

Closer detail can be viewed Here:
Bubbletrees Stage 1 – The initial drawing Ben’s working on in Illustrator now!
Bubbletrees Stage 2 – Vector outlines, done.
Bubbletrees Stage 3 – Block colours laid, now onto details.
Bubbletrees Stage 4 – Detailing has begun. Still playing with colours!
Bubbletrees Stage 5 – Grass detailing finished, pompom/snowball trees finished. Now onto extra bits.
Bubbletrees Stage 6 – Stylized rabbit added, now on to more flourishes.
Bubbletrees art print all finished! On sale 29th June!

You can ‘Follow’ Ben and the Thunder Chunky Crew ‘tweet twooo’ here: Ben and Fi | Thunder Chunky | Mike | Stephen


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  • Thanks for featuring this guys! I have to credit my partner in crime, sweet Fi, since she did all the commentating and tweeting in between her busy emailing while I just made the picture. Up for more of this this week?

  • Jon

    of course! :)

  • More more more! I really enjoyed seeing the it come together. It was fun, guessing what would be added next! :)

  • YES BEN .. please do !! .. :)
    such a good use of the twitter updates ..

  • great to see the process, maybe you could do a live video capture next time?
    i missed seeing it yesterday – did you tweetpic any of the progress?

  • Jon

    yeah def agree, a video capture would be ace, def something we’re looking into! in the meantime you can catch up on any of the live art updates we were doing be following the #TC_inprogress topic on Twitter…

    We’ll also be doing a summary of yesterday work in a post on TC today :)

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