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We’re always raving about the supremely-talented Pascal Campion here on TC – having previously interviewed him and posted up some of his rainy doodles. Well, now that we’re finally seeing some good weather we thought it would be great to ask the man himself about how he goes about creating sunshine in his work! So Pascal, it’s over to you…

Pascal Campion

What Do Ducks Eat

When I think of sunshine, I think about the heat, the whiteness and almost the blindness that is associated with them, so my natural instinct is to make a white sky, because I see it filled with super light.

Pascal Campion

To the Water Hole

Instead of seeing the shadows, I see where the light hits. I draw everything as I think it would be without the light, and I then bath parts of the image in light and that’s what creates this huge contrasts.

Pascal Campion

Mid Afternoon

I tend to start with slightly darker colors than I would use if I were not to draw the effect of strong light just to create a better contrast, and, I try to be pretty “loose” on how I let the light fall.

Pascal Campion


I don’t want to control it too much because I like the randomness of real light.

Pascal Campion

Hula la

I will try as much as I can to make the image readable at a first glance, but I don’t necessarily care if all the details I put in are readable easily. It’s more of an impression that I am trying to get across than a literal re transcription of reality.

Pascal Campion

Self-taught Musician

And that’s how Pascal tackles sunlight! Follow Pascal on Twitter to see his daily drawings, and you can find a stack on his work over on his site and his blog.


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