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Posted Apr 28th 2009 by

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Drawing with James Jarvis

Whilst browsing Vimeo this morning I stumbled across a really interesting interview with James Jarvis, done by Ika Zcha. He talks through his drawing process, his love of Hergé, and why he draws the way he does. Lots of cool shots of him doodling characters as well. I think I’ll go and dig out my pencils now!


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  • Thanks for sharing this, really interesting and inspiring stuff. It’s strange seeing what artists actually look like in real life, I always think they would look so different.

  • Jon

    i know what you mean! in a similar way that when you hear someone on the radio you get an idea in your head of what they look like. same goes for when you see someone’s illustration style!

  • Thanks for the james jarvis interview.What a nice bloke.
    A real treat to see someone on film who is honest about the practicalities of the image making process and Illustration market.
    More please.

  • Great video and love his drawing style.

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