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Posted Dec 9th 2009 by

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Go Penguins invade Liverpool


Update: So, they’re finally here… those pesky little Go Penguins! have invaded the Pool. We found out about their schemes back in July, and half a year later they’ve made their move. An Elite team of Thunder Chunky agents infiltrated a secret warehouse location late November to find the army of 200+ strong Go Penguins gearing up. We managed to smuggle out some close ups of the most dangerous ones just before they left for the invasion.

“..Go Penguins is a public art explosion of unrivalled proportions. Over 200 individual works of art will adorn and animate Merseyside’s streets throughout Christmas and New Year, bringing a very special brand of festive sparkle to the holiday season..”


Go! Penguins – Secret warehouse location



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  • Sam

    So super cool! They’re a great size and the finishing is lovely. Love the queen one best!

  • Oh heck these look too cool, wish we could get up there to see them all this winter! Great photos guys.

  • Jon

    We need to think up a work-related reason for you to make the trip up here! :)

  • Jon .. i thought you’d like the one in the Everton Kit .. ;) – there was a Liverpool one, but I ignored it on your behalf, haha

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