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Posted Jul 9th 2009 by

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Go Penguins!


We have seen Lambananas dotted around the city and a Giant Mechanical Spider parading across the main streets before perching itself on the side of a building. What next to hit the city of Liverpool? It seems like the city is continuing its culture trend with the help of some Penguin Sculptures. These flightless figurines are all part of the Go Penguins Scheme by Wild In Art, the people who brought us the Go SuperLambananas event last year. The scheme involves 3ft and 5ft penguin sculptures that can be designed in any way. 3ft penguins can be adopted by schools to show off their creative skills and these will be displayed in a city centre indoor venue while Artists are asked to work their creative magic on a group of 5ft penguins. The colony of creative penguins will form a ‚ÄòWinters Trail’ throughout the city during the winter festive season. It is a great way to bring the community together and share some fun and self expression. We will have more coverage of the Go Penguins when we draw nearer to the cold winter of Liverpool.

Thanks to Minako Jackson from for the photos!


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  • Awesome! Love them. Anyone holidaying in Cornwall this summer keep your eyes peeled for cows too!

  • nice one Dave ! congratulations on your first post . and a warm welcome to Dave to the TC crew .. more great stories to come , hopefully :)

  • Nice one Dave! Look forward to seeing these penguins dotted around. Funnily enough my latest illo has penguins in it. It must be the hot new thang! :P

  • David nightingale

    No new ideas? it was years ago when Manchester had the cows all over town, the Capital of culture is a bit lost!

  • Jon

    True, it has been done before, but it should still be fun. and if I was in cornwall I’d still enjoy seeing the cow’s Ben is talking about…

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