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Posted Jun 22nd 2009 by

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“I HEART TARA” Competition Winner

Tara quote

Thanks to all those Tara McPherson fans who entered the “I heart Tara” contest to win a copy of her latest book “Lost Constellations”. We had an overwhelming response and there was a lot of love for Tara and hope you all enjoyed reading other people’s tweets. As there were no real entry guidelines, we decided to choose one at random, and it was…

“I heart Tara Mcpherson because, she stole my heart and fed it to a jellyfish, in tentacles i now trust.” by @smallinthecity

So congratulations to @smallinthecity!! A copy of lost constellations willbe orbiting it’s way over to you!

Thanks again to everyone who entered, you can view all the entries by reading the replies to our twitter feed (@thunderchunkyuk).

Some of our favourite tweets were:

@jacquelynvick “i heart tara mcpherson because i waited 8 hours in the rain at kidrobot ny to meet her. (hope im not too late)”

@samthepenguin “I heart Tara Mcpherson because of Lucius and the flying bunnies. and mr wiggles. awesome!”

@SloppyWetPizza “I heart TARA McPherson because her art sauce is so damn fabooshka!!!”

@dmportella “I heart Tara Mcpherson because: her lost constelations or broken hearts are some of the reasons I open my eyes every day.”

@DustCakeBoy “I heart Tara Mcpherson because her artwork is a visual wonderland of the abnormal and the adorable, and bends all reality.”

@godless_fibber “I heart Tara Mcpherson because her art fills in the cracks of my smile & reveals everything with beauty & wonderonce again”


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  • YEAH! I heart tara Mcpherson all the way to heaven and hell!. I glad you like my twit, i do genuinely eel like that about her work, just awesome right up there with diterlizzi close to my heart. <3

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