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Posted Jan 27th 2009 by

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La Fraise tee contest launches!

La Fraise tee comp

For any of y’all who don’t already know, we’re currently teaming up with the very large and very creative ongoing community t-shirt site,, to offer someone the chance to get their design on a range of tees and pocket themselves a hefty cash prize too! To find out more details check out the special page we’ve put together for it…

Visit the Thunder Chunky / La Fraise tee contest page

The man with the dog-head says you should enter!


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  • A few instructions about submitting an entry!
    Anyone can submit a design by going to and clicking “Submit” in the left hand column.

    It will ask them to login or create an account.

    Once they’re logged in click on Submit again if necessary.

    It should bring up the following information and a link to upload the design.


    Your design must meet the following requirements:

    * It must be created with a vector graphics editor, like Adobe
    Illustrator. (We use this software during the pre-printing process).
    * A maximum of 12 colours may be used. Metallic and neon colours,
    colour gradients and raster graphics are allowed.
    Note: colour gradients can greatly exceed the number of colours
    * The maximum print size is 52cm high and 42cm wide and cannot be
    * Parts of the graphic can be produced with a glossy effect or with foils (an overlay of a transparent foil). The elements in foil must be at least 1mm wide and be at least 1cm away from other elements.
    * The design must not infringe on any copyrights, nor break any laws.

    Export the design for uploading into a JPEG file with 600 x 600 pixels.
    Note: This is not the maximum size, but the required size so that the design can actually be displayed in our gallery.

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