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Posted Sep 5th 2008 by

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La Machine!

La Machine

If you’ve not heard in the news, Liverpool has been invaded by a giant mechanical spider (thanks to Antri for the awesome atmospheric pics!). It’s been exploring the city for the last couple of days and will carry on doing so over the weekend. Part of a show called La Machine, it’s the brain-child of French mechanical mastermind Fran?ßois Delarozi?®re, who was behind the mechanical elephant which stomped through London in 2006. If you can make it to Liverpool this weekend then it’s well worth a look!

Other bonzer things…

Tattoo robot and Pritt

JB tattoo, styrofoam robot and Michael C. Place

Samantha asked for a special Jon Burgerman tattoo – now that’s a real fan! Kevin Kelly has created a massive styrofoam robot (via eBoy). Finally, Michael C. Place, formerly of The Designers’ Republic and now with Build has produced a great new advert for Pritt, showing him creating a large mural artwork. You can see the video here and see behind the scenes pics on Build’s site.


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