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Lee Carter tackles Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd

Lee Carter is an artist who we were fortunate enough to interview here on TC way back in 2005. And now he’s back, with some amazing new artwork he’s done for July’s 2000AD Judge Dredd strip. We’ve always loved the richness and depth of the worlds Lee creates in his work, but this takes it to a whole new level, and hopefully there will be many more comics to come!

“When I last spoke to Thunder Chunky, I made it clear that 2000AD was a huge inspiration to my art and ultimately I would love to do a Dredd strip. In fact, I would go as far to say if it wasnt for 2000AD I dont think I would have got into illustration at all.

I’ve since done quite a few pages for 2000AD, with my work on Terror Tales, Deadeyes and Necrophim.

Eventually a rather fantastic script came into my inbox from Tharg the Mighty. Judge Dredd “Scream” written by Gordon Rennie , how cool is that?! Judge Dredd… my seven year old self would be wetting himself right now.”

Dredd scene

Full scene sketch and fully worked up version

2000ad prog 1737 to prog 1739 featuring the Judge Dredd “Scream” storyline are available on the 2000AD website. They’re written by Gordon Rennie with art by Lee and lettering by Annie Parkhouse.

And if you want to meet Lee in person, get yourself down to Thought Bubble in Leeds in Novemeber!

Dredd closeup

Close-up detail of Lee’s work

Dredd himself

Dredd himself!!


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  • Dredd’s looking like Clint Eastwood in the last frame – very smart :)

    nice one Lee .. achieving dreams .!!

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