Maxime Archambault | JAM Berlin Bus

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan10th Feb 10


Did you see the JAM bus? No, I’m not talking about the public transport covered with tasty, fruity spread that you put on your toast and porridge, I’m referring to the creative fashion trade fair, JAM Berlin’s bus. Well, it’s the public transport covered with fresh, colourful doodles, so not far off.

“..JAM BERLIN is the trade fair for established labels as well as young and innovative brands from segments such as jeans & sportswear, womens- & menswear, accessories & lifestyle…”

The competition was launched last December, for fellow artists to ‘Pimp the bus’ by La Fraise. It’s their first none T-shirt competition, and it was a great success. Having your design on the side of a double decker bus, driving around one of the creative capitals of the world is pretty special.

The winner, Maxime Archambault aka S3, created some bold and stunning artwork for the bus. Photos were released a few weeks back, with the bus looking all funky and eye catching in the streets. (View more photos below, and even more photos on his Behance).


JAM Bus around Berlin