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Posted Mar 30th 2009 by

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Monstar Consequences

Monstar Consequences

I’m sure everyone remembers fondly that childhood game where one person draws part of a picture, passes it on to the next person to draw the next bit and then a third person finished it off? Well we definitely remember it anyway! Apparently it was called Consequences, and the folks at Whyisbox have launched a digital re-make of it called Monstar!. The first monstar, pictured above, was put together by Aaron Miller, Whyisbox and Koodoo. The project’s being run for a special edition of NewSugar Magazine, so well worth getting involved with!


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  • Thanks for the link! Nice little site you’ve got here.


    Dave (Koodoo)

  • Jon

    no probs Dave, the first issue of your Koodoo magazine looked ace, good work on that… can’t go wrong with a games console theme! ;)

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