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Posted Feb 6th 2009 by

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Monsters | Music Video

Being hugh fans of animated music videos, like Jamie Hewlett’s ‘Gorillaz’, we were super delighted when our musically talented friend, ‘Tori Beaumont’, sent over her new creation ‘Monsters’. The retro style illustration, surreal, with touches of 3D combines beautifully with the orchestral sound of the song. It’s a shock that Tori is still unsigned, but this little gem should appeal to music and animation fans alike. Hopefully, there will be more animated music videos from her and James Gilleard, or it might inspire other musicians to go down this route.

Animated by James Gilleard
Music by – David Hearn


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  • Cato

    This video is amazing! But even more amazing is the music of Tori Beaumont! WHAT A TALENT!! Why ISN’T she signed??

    I agree, maybe this little diddy will make people stand up and take notice of this extraordinary young lady. Plus, is that a once in a generation voice, or isn’t it? WOW!!

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