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Posted Feb 12th 2009 by

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New Al Heighton print give-away

Al Heighton print

Friend-of-the-site and all round nice guy, Mr Al Heighton, has kindly sent in one of his new screenprints for us to give away to one lucky TC reader! The print is signed and numbered, and features Al’s trademark quirky characters. All you have to do to get your hands on the print is leave a comment on this post and we’ll randomly pick someone out. Amusing comments are welcomed though!

We’ll pick a winner out next Wednesday (18th Feb).


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  • […] features Al’s trademark quirky characters. All you have to do to get your hands on the print is leave a comment on the post on the site and a winner will be randomly picked out. Amusing comments are […]

    • That looks just a bit bloomin’ beautiful! :)

    • oh love this, and want this…. will keep eating cup cakes and get extra chunky until I do get it :D

    • Jumbola

      Terrific toppling tea parties!

      This would look nice on our office wall…

    • Aww, cute!

      Does it come with the bulldog clips, though?

    • Jon

      haha, it can do! the winner can choose if they’d really like the bulldog clips ;)

    • Kelly W

      VIP MS needs that colour scheme!

      very pretty….me wantz!
      Kxx ^_^v

    • Jon

      not sure the die-hard off-road racing fans would approve of a colour scheme like that tho Kelly ;)

    • he best be careful where hes putting his hands….shes armed with tongs….ouch!!

      loving the design, brilliant :)

    • can i have it please jon?
      it’ll save you postage as i only sit next to you !!
      cheers ..

    • lee


    • I love a nice milky cupful of PG Tits

    • Are they tongs in her hand, or has she eaten a little small person – except their legs!

    • Marz

      This is beautiful….

    • MrPhil

      The picture actually depicts what happened to me a week last Tuesday.

      Well, almost… I was balancing on eight cups of tea not nine, and the 9ft Tea Lady was actually a 3ft greasy spoon waitress from Rotherham.

    • carmen lyra

      lovely design !!

    • If I’m lucky enough to win this I’ll hang it up above the teapot and create a shrine to the tea goddess Camellia Sinensis!

    • Jessica

      Mr Heighton, Your prints are reaching fabulous new heights!!

    • mel

      This looks like Mr Al Heighton trying to snog my really tall mate on xmas eve ha ha Its the truth, dont deny it Al. U wud need to stand on something to reach her lips!!! i need this pic to show Jo 2 c if it brings bk memories

    • Lee Parker

      awesome, awesome, awesome!! i want it. now! please.

    • rach

      Is it on the trolley?

    • All because the man likes milk tea!

    • Phil McGroin

      I love clingfilm!

    • shanecan’tdesign

      Q: What happened to the Native American who drank too much tea?
      A: He drowned in his own tea pee.

      Not stopped laughing for hours at this one.

    • Dave Whyte

      I must Ceylon I Assam Green with envy! I have a Darjeeling I could Chai for Oolong time to produce work as Tetley awesome as this.


      Nice work, Al


    • liz

      please may i win? xx

    • Amy

      Lovely, would go a treat with my bedroom colour scheme! I’m fairly sure that the tea lady would fall over in real life though – that’s some very large boobies Al :-)

    • What’s the difference between a duck? One of it’s legs are both the same.

    • Fantastic illustration!

    • Deborah

      The brew man is just 10 cups short to bag the trolley dolly who’s just too bit for her boots!
      The amazing adventures of Mr Heighton’s brews, boobs and heartache!
      Nice Work Al, xx

    • Stevo

      “Lovely stuff” – not my words Jon, but the words of Funky Illustrator magazine. Can’t argue with that.

    • A N D > T H E > W I N N E R > IS ???????

    • Jon

      Lee Wareing! congrats Lee, and thankyou everyone else for joining in… keep your eyes on the site as we’ll be doing much more of this sort of thing in the future!! :)

      oh, and BIG MASSIVE THANKS to Al for sending in the print!

    • Kelly Blampied

      it needs to be hung in our screen printing design studio

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