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Posted Jun 10th 2009 by

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One Click Dog’s | Little Wheel

I was captivated by a wonderful little flash game | animation today ‘Little Wheel’ made by One Click Dog. It took an age to load, (please be patient) but I wasn’t disappointed as the opening sequence kicked in and I was greeted by this interesting, eerie mechanical world. The illustration (reminicient of Rolitoland but more 3D) and how the elements are animated are quite detailed and full of charm. The small puzzles and tasks are nicely balanced, not too hard, but should still give you some trouble. The only negative point I can think of is how short it was, so hopefully they’ll create more soon.


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  • Jon

    ahhh Rolitoland yeah, the illos they did for Patapon were outstanding! this looks quite different though… really cinematic :)

  • Meg

    cool game there

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