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Posted Nov 3rd 2009 by

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RAW Process!


Thunder Chunky’s Big Chief, and Master of Flash, Jon Raffe has teamed up with leading illustrator The Boy Fitz Hammond to create this super fun animation. Created for Manchester based Raw Design Studio to show off their secret design process and working environment. RAW provide a wide range of wonderful web and graphic services, but what really stands out about them is their strong relationship and collaboration with Illustrators.

“…Instead of writing a list of bullet points detailing our creative process, we thought an animated look into Raw life might be a little more interesting for you. From the hamster that lives on a roof to our non-striking post bird, at Raw we do things in our own special way to ensure that when the delivery van arrives our clients are always happy with the goods…”


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  • Rob

    Cheers for the post Jon.

    The animation has turned out really well!

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