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Posted Jul 15th 2009 by

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Shane Jessup’s SDCC Lucky Cat


I’ve been out of the dunny collecting game for a while now but decided to check out the Kidrobot forum for any new news coming up before the San Diego Comic Con hits us. I am glad to see Kidrobot are ready to release Shane Jessup‘s beautiful Lucky Cat Dunny during this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Shane’s Lucky Cat design is based on the common Japanese sculpture Maneki Neko and sits perfectly on the dunny mould. Being one of the more popular designs from the Dunny Series 4, it should be no surprise a large 8inch version would appear.

Now people going to the SDCC can pick up an exclusive black Luck Edition with a production run of only 200. If you’re unlucky enough to miss out on this then maybe go for the gold Fortune edition with a higher run of 1000 available from all kidrobot and select stores. Now let’s see if I have enough good fortune in bagging the black Luck Edition ‚Äì anyone want to be my mule?


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