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To coincide with the opening of Start, a new art space in Bristol, designer duo Peskimo have teamed up with illustrator Chris Dickason to put on Tease Made, an exhibition inspired by the social rituals, history, iconography and biscuit dunking goodness of enjoying a cup of tea. The exhibition launches this Friday (19th March) and we snuck a few minutes with Peskimo to ask them about the event.

Tell us a bit about how Tease Made came about and what the idea is behind it all.

Around Christmas time we were chatting with Chris and decided that we should do some kind of joint show. It will be the first time any of us have exhibited this much brand new work in one place at one time. We’ve been involved in lots of group shows, but this is a different kind of beast, we all agreed that having a joint show would help to share the load. When we were approached by the new START space to have the opening exhibition, they told us that they were planning on having a tea shop next to the art space, so it seemed a perfect theme to launch with, and tea is a very broad theme when you start to think about it. Everyone has a relationship with tea, good or bad and tea goes with so many things.

Have you guys worked with Chris before, or this a first-time venture?

We’ve known Chris since our time at University in Leeds and have all found ourselves in Bristol now for the last 3 years. We are all cinema buddies and regularly catch up to moan about the usual things over a pizza or 3. This show is the first time we have collaborated together on an illustrations and the result, a checkerboard of Tea related scenes and images, is definitely a highlight of the exhibition, we can’t stop looking at it. We created the parts separately and only put them together this week. The Tease Made flyer is a little part of this collaborative piece.


‘Foul Dunkery’ and promo art

What’s your favourite type of tea?

David likes a strong one, maybe an Assam, and if an extra spoonful of sugar goes in then it’s a very happy mistake.

And what’s the ultimate biscuit to go with it?

In research for the show we have been doing a lot of dunk testing. Its hard to have a cup of tea without dunking something in it! The ultimate would probably be a KitKat chunky, nibbling off the ends and sucking the tea through it so it all goes soft and lovely!. But that is an expensive hobby, so in their absence a Hob Nob is pretty good, although it can be dangerous as their structure is so unstable. This in itself keeps the mind active, which is pretty good for a tea break!

As designers and illustrators… what do you think is the perfect time of day for the 5 minute tea break?

After the morning cuppa, we always try and wait for elevenses… but it is hard.


‘Tokusatsu Tea Break’

If people make it down to the event on Friday night, what have you got in store for them?

In terms of artwork we will have a real mix on the walls. We have been busy creating our first screenprints from home, so expect something much larger than our usual postcard sized Gocco’s. Chris has been busy doing interesting things with Tea and creating an avalanche of doodles, and we are also going to be showing some paintings as well as a whole host of new digital prints. On Friday night in particular, we will be laying on Tea, biscuits, beer and cake from 6pm, although the cakes are sure to go quick and there will be goody bags on offer!

Good luck with the exhibition, I’m sure it’ll go down a storm!

A storm in a teacup no less!

So if you’re in the Bristol area on Friday then it’ll be well worth checking out! More details are available over on the Tease Made page on Peskimo’s site.


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  • Love the work that Peskimo do! :)nnKeep up the brilliant work folks

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