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Posted Aug 27th 2009 by

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TC Hijacked | by Stephen Chan | pt1 “COMPETITION”


Ahem.. testing testing, hello all, this is Stephen Chan, an editor of Thunder Chunky. Today I have Hijacked TC for my personal use, and as a thank you, to all loyal TC + SC lovers and regulars (oh, and as a build up to my birthday, which is also MJ’s birthday). Part One: I’m going to launch my first competition to win one of my screenprints (featured as a part of the Editions / Power in Numbers Exhibition by Cure Studio and Print Club London) The idea behind the print plays with the exhibition theme ‘Power in Numbers’, how this power if misused can lead to war and destruction, but if used wisely can stop wars and create peace.

Instructions on how to win one of these screenprints:

“All you have to do is use your wonderful gift of imagination, and come up with an interesting, weird, wacky, delightful, etc answer to complete this simple sentence “…if I had 1000…” eg. “…if i had 1000 > jellybeans, I would grow a jellybean forest and make a land of candy…”

Option A: Follow my twitter or thunderchunky’s. And answer the above question, directing it to either accounts with the hashtag #TCxStephenChan

Option B: Just simply answer the question by commenting below…

But don’t worry if you are not a winner, we are all winners (well, maybe just 50 more of us, as they’re a limited edition of 50, and can be purchased here. Stay tuned for Part Two of my TC Hijack later today :)…



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    • If I had 1000 sachets of cake mixture I would try and make everyone in the world a Fairy Cake and whilst everyone enjoyed their cake they wouldn’t be fighting.

    • I love lamp!

      If I had 1,000 peanut M&M’s, it still wouldn’t be enough

    • what kind of bee’s make milk…

      if i had 1000 guns i’d throw them in the sea… and let the whales fight it out

    • If I had 1000 eyeballs of all colours of the rainbow I’d see clowns, moons, custard tree’s and rusty skyscrapers of all varieties! :D

    • superOK

      If I had 1,000 spoons i’d still need 1/10th of a knife

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    • hmm…where has my toe gone?

      If i had a 1000 bullets, i’d still miss

    • if I had 1000 eskimos I’d use them to take over woodley town centre, and then the world! mwahahahahahahaha

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    • sassyele

      if i had 1000 words in my vocabulary, i could think of something worthy to write! :-) xx

    • If I had 1000 seeds I’d plant 1000 trees and invite 1000 people to come and build 1000 treehouses in them.

    • If I had 1000 attempts it still wouldn’t be perfect

    • If I had 1000 grains of sand would I have a beach?

    • If I had a 1000 inch cock it’d be a f*cking tall chicken.

    • If I had 1,000 pounds I would hire an air balloon for an hour and then drop the hundreds of business cards along with some doodles.

    • Alexey

      If I had 1000 miles of dreams, I would throw them up into the sky, fetch the stars and climb every night to make dreams the reality!

    • If I had 1000 spoons I still wouldn’t give them to Uri Gellar

    • Michael

      If I had 1000 fireflies, I’d send them out one by one to light up the dark nights of all the lonely people

    • If I had 1000 endless space, I will turn it into a Magical Enchanted space filled with bright and frenzied colours where we can escape reality and make imaginations come to life~

    • Arden

      If I had 1000 feet of wire fencing I could finally fence up all my belligerent and in need of love sheep.

    • I already have one of these on my bedroom wall heheh

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