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Posted Aug 4th 2009 by

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TC x Speakerdog Series 6


Series 5 of the ever so popular Speakerdog Papertoys was the largest collection of Speakerdogs to date, boasting an impressive array of 48 illustrators/designers, with 50 designs. Who thought that this massive record can be broken so so easily? It’s just simply breathtaking, the new Speakerdog Series 6 sets the bar even higher than the last, with ’64’ illustrators/designers participating, creating ’66’ amazing little creatures. And if that wasn’t good enough, the Thunder Chunky elite Jon, Mike (aka Jumbola) and myself were also involved, adding 4 little speakerdogs in this fun and inspiring crossover.

Series 6 contributors: 17C, Alejandra Barahona, Alex Mathers, Allison Bamcat, Brian Colin, Bubblefriends, Bunny, C86, Carlos Araujo, Mr Mr, Claire Hartley, Creature Kebab, David Barneda, Delme, El Mostro, Fersho Zombie, Four Yip, Fredrik Fottland, Gareth Axford, Guillain Le Vilain, Hanna Thoren, HAO, Happy Monkey Shoes, Jack Hankins, Jason Harlan, Jamie Smart, Jeffrey Bowman, Jon Paul Kaiser, Jon Raffe, Jumbola, Katari, Mz. Kat-ii, Kev Munday, Lisa Hassell, LOop Paper Toys, Macintoy, Mary Iverson, Matthew Dent, The Meek Shall, Matucha, Mimic, Moopf, Morgan Gleave, Nick Knite, Olive 47, Papermate, Ph7labs, Podgypanda, pYus cHan, Salt n Paper, Shantell Martin, Stephen Chan, Sundeep Toor, Sweaty Eskimo, Timothy Banks, Tougui, Ve Lacerda, Vincent Perea, Wesley Eggebrecht, WHO, Yahid Rodr??guez, Yee Ting Kuit, and Yukinao Takashima.


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    • Thank you guys so much for this awesome post, it’s awesome, it’s a post, it’s an awesome post. Not sure why, but this has been the most enjoyable series to bring together over the passed three or four years, we’ve had a blast! And super thanks to the three of you for joining in and being such a big part of the series, we really appreciate it, all four of your designs are getting mucho downloads, hyper popular!

    • Jon

      No probs Ben! glad to join in :) I think the fact Stephen did 2 designs is tantamount to cheating though!

    • hey ?!?! how’s that cheating ???
      its like when your pregnant with twins, you didnt plan for it, but it just happened by chance !

      oh, and thanks Ben, it was an awesome project to be involved in ! Waiting for Series 7 now ;)

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