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Posted Dec 25th 2006 by

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TC Xmas Project 2006

TC Xmas Project 2006

You know all those naff advent calendars you get, where it’s always the same run-of-the-mill images; robins, candles, stars? Not particularly inspiring! Well Thunder Chunky came up with a remedy for your advent blues. We roped in a selection of the best artists and illustrators around to create some xmas messages… and it turned out rather nice.

Launch the Thunder Chunky Xmas Project 2006

PARTICIPANTS The Boy Fitz Hammond, Jon Burgerman, Sam Gilbey, Jamie Wieck, Kev Speck, John Allison, Jeremyville, Ben Schlitter, Meomi, Andy Smith, My Dead Pony, Pietari Posti, Ben The Illustrator, Christian Zebitz, Ingi Erlingsson, Matt Johnstone, Maria Slovakova, Eddie Fett, Christian Lindermann, Pascal Campion, Yupyland, Adrian Johnson, Stephen Chan, Mike Ng


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  • Teresa

    These are interesting Xmas pictures, not boring!~

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