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Posted Jun 15th 2011 by

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The Siege of Screenadelica

Client: Screenadelica | Liverpool Sound City
Project: The Siege of Screenadelica

“…This new T-shirt illustration depicts the historical event of ‘The Siege of Screenadelica’ – May 2011. Hordes of skilled musical warriors equipped with Keyboard Swords and deadly Axe Guitars raid the city, producing epic sounds and dramatic displays of artistry…” – Stephen Chan

Liverpool Sound City, the biggest Liverpool music festival was back recently, taking over most of the local venues, which meant that the most awesome ‘Gig poster’ exhibition was also back, Screenadelica!!! This T-shirt design ‘The Siege of Screenadelica’ was created especially for the event.




Some photos from the exhibition | Involved artists are | Luke Drozd, We Three Club, Army of Cats, Nick Rhodes, Tiny Little Horse, Michael Cowell, Horse, Paul Rafferty, Craig Robson, John Biddle, Stephen Chan




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