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Posted Sep 7th 2009 by

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Vannen Artist Series Watches


An exciting new timepiece was released last week, not just any old boring, plain, time keeping device, but the Vannen Watch. A unique set of watches that feature some of the worlds most popular illustrators, graffiti artists and graphic designers. These lovely creations definitely stand out in the crowd, and i wonder if they might become ‘the’ new art canvas. Hopefully more artist sets will be released in the future, so we can wrap our whole arms with these beauties…

“Vannen watches capture the electrifying worlds of art, fashion, and pop culture and infuse them into every limited edition timepiece we produce. Designed by some of the world’s best artists, we construct wearable art that appeals to forward-thinking, style-conscious individuals while honoring the distinctive vision of our faction of artists. Our watches are stylish, compelling and intriguing. Each watch not only tells time, it tells a story from a unique point of view with an opinion and perspective. By taking a pro-art stance, we also strive to build a global community that invites people to discover new art, embrace it and incorporate it into their lives. This is Vannen.”

Featured Artists: (above)
Chris Ryniak
Damon Soule

Featured Artists: (below)
Buff Monster
Brian Morris



Buff Monster + Brian Morris



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  • I wish I had 4 arms .. so I can wear all 4 of these awesome watches .. enjoy !

  • I want the Brian Morris one… my wrist feels lonely.

  • The site is frickin’ excellent too. Top Job all around. I can’t wait for this product to explode and lots of designers getting on board!

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