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Posted Oct 26th 2009 by

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Win a limited edition Trick or Treat Vannen Watch!


As we draw near to the best festivity of the year – halloween, we decided to bring you something special. Something scarily special! We have teamed up with the mighty Vannen watches and you could win a limited edition ‘Trick or Treat’ watch designed by the awesome ‘Dirty Donny‘.

The brainchild of Vannen, David Stowe has created just 150 of these badboys and they come blind packed with just 50 watches in a super rare chase ‚ÄòTOXIC YELLOW’ colour as seen above.

All you have to do is leave a comment here or tweet us using the tags @thunderchunkyuk and #vannenrules and tell us what “scares” you.

We’ll pick our favourite as the winner!

So be quick, entries close GMT 3pm Wednesday 28th October. Good luck!


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  • bo

    i’m terrified of bugs. and porcelain dolls.

  • Sara

    pregnancy…giving birth scares the shit out of me.

  • Jed

    clowns. I hate clowns

  • Bob

    Comic Sans is quite scary.

  • What scares me is a world without color, music, diversity, and self expression‚Ķ and of course cheesecake. A world without art is a very scary place to be.

  • Baz

    My four month-old daughter scares me. I swear she can create matter. I mean, how else can you explain the volume of what she produces in her nappy? It just doesn’t add up!

  • I’m scared of dead spiders, bellfries and big clockwork cogs. Maybe in a past life I was the hunchback of Notre Dame or something…

  • GNomjas a cross between GNomes and Ninjas, laugh you might but they are deadly little varmints

  • Daniel

    Box jellyfish! Man they are just a piece of slippery, slicky jelly and they can kill you. That is out of all proportion! Scary!

  • Lauren

    I’m scared of flies. Have you heard what they do when they land on your food? Yuk. So me and my cat, Lily, have devised a clever way of dealing with them. She loves to catch flies but sometimes they are just out of her reach. You can often find me balancing precariously on the back of the sofa with Lily held high above my head so she can catch those pesky flies. She loves it. And the scary flies are gone!

  • What scares me shitless is going into the kitchen in the morning and finding out there are only 3 Rich Tea left in the tin not 4. A brew can’t cope with just 3, fact!

  • Sharks and salty water, bleugh.

  • Smack6102

    The Muppets scare me. Especially when they took Manhatten

  • I’m scared of Spam, pate, infact any smooshed meat. And cheese in a tube – thats proper rotten

  • drowning and being made to chew cotton wool…. ARGH!!!!

  • People who wear Macs in narrow corridors scare the shit out of me. Its happend on a couple of occasions.

  • those old antique old school dolls those are creepy sitting in a room with just of them freaks me out

  • I’m scared of clowns. Creepy, laughing clowns! Arrgghhh! They can smell your fear…

  • Running out of orange squash and being forced to drink water. Fact.

  • Jon

    I hate running out of orange squash too!!!!

  • my fear is a little bit..strange.I\\\’m scared about ..postman, cause I used to bought a lot of terrible (;D delicious ) things on Internet and the postman hate me, make me pay a lot of tax and trowh away all my little items in my garden and the neighborough\\\’s dog eat everythings..and my english is sooo bad ;D.I really hope not to win cause the dog LOVES watches..scary halloween dears..:* (WOW I love your procedure for comments,I always lost my text when forgot to enter antispam text, but not now..Thanks)

  • I’m scared, no terrified infact of not winning a Vannen, limited edition Trick or Treat watch!

  • Nuns terrify me!

  • Jon

    thanks for all the comments so far, very funny! :) looks like i may need to implement a better comments system ;)

  • Michael

    I’m scared that one day I may be hypnotised (nope, this isn’t the scary bit), and under this hypnosis, be taken back to my early days (nope, this neither, although I’m sure some people are scared by their early days…), sat in front of a dim old tube tv (nope, this isn’t it either, even if the picture quality does look scary today…), and shown an episode of the wombles for the first time (yes, this is it! really.). hard to believe maybe, but the way those wombles programmes were lit gave me nightmares when i first saw them as a little ‘un :-)

  • Im scared my handle bars are going to fall off my bicycle when i ride home, they are making really weird clicking noises. and i know nothing about bike. Ouch!

  • Japanese “squatty potties” are pretty scary.

  • Emma

    Bananas and cows! If I ever come across a cow eating a banana I’m screwed!

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