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To help you find your way around the TC archive of articles we’ve split them up in to categories. Browse around at your leisure!


This is an umbrella topic which covers a lot of different areas including print, new media, illustration, editorial. All that sort of thing. So if you’re just browsing then this would be a good place to start!


Love our doodles? The artists featured in this category tend to have a heritage founded on crayola crayons and a love of character design.


Animation, video work, films, title sequences, it’s all here.

Showcase Projects

If an artist has a project to pimp or there’s a new project coming up that we feel the world needs to know about then this is where we’ll put it.


This delves into the world of vinyl toy producers, illustrators who lend their hand to toy design, new products coming up and anything which is causing a buzz in the vinyl world.

One you may have missed

Super-speed drawing with PASCAL CAMPION

Super-speed drawing with PASCAL CAMPION

Pascal Campion is a San Francisco based illustrator and animator who can knock out breath-taking work as fast as a speeding bullet. He very...

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Latest interview

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. Today we’re travelling back in time, back to the Victorian era for a quick chat with the World’s Leading Victorian...

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Featured project

TC Versus The Internet

TC -vs- The Internet

Check out our latest project, where we’ve invited a handful of great illustrators to help us combine our powers against an unstoppable force — ‘The Internet’!

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Featured book

Jimmy Corrigan

Media Temple

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