A day in the eyes of Erika Meza

Our ‘A day in the eyes’ feature isn’t just about invading your favourite illustrator’s homes, we also get to follow them around cool events. This weeks guest, children’s illustrator Erika Meza (who we featured a few months ago) shows us around her lovely home and the spot in Paris where she lives and works.

Our ‘A day in the eyes’ feature isn’t just about invading your favourite illustrator’s homes, we also get to follow them around cool events. This weeks guest, children’s illustrator Erika Meza (who we featured a few months ago) shows us around her lovely home and the spot in Paris where she lives and works.


1. Morning, world!
This is what I get the instant I open my eyes. I try to wake up without an alarm clock because I hate those sonsabiches, but when on deadlines, I have no choice. But I still allow myself some minutes in bed – it’s better than hitting the snooze button: you check your e-mails, start being productive AND feel as if you had slept 20 more minutes. At least it works for me…
Plus, it’s the perfect moment to check what the weather is like outside. Or to stare at my wall of postcards. Or to just rejoice at having found the most amazing of Parisian apartments.


Time to hit the coffee machine and get some breakfast. Please notice the light change. Yes, I took a while in bed.


While the coffee is getting ready, let’s take the time to take the tour. My work corner, facing the window so I can stalk my neighbours while I work (multitasking!). My Baymax balloon that’s slowly dying but still quite huggable.

My books that guarantee that coming back to Mexico is money-wise non-doable (all that extra plane weight! Nah, I’d better stay). My blue bag, my uncomfortable desk chair that ensures I walk around the room now and then, my post-its and my already full (WHAT?) hand-made calendar that only reaches October because I ran out of paper. And a tiny chair.


And my postcard wall. Or the way I friend used to call it, “A glimpse into Erika’s mind”.
I’ve been collecting these from everywhere: Comic-Con, travelling around, things peeps have sent me… See if you can find yours – if you can’t, then I can always send you my address… *hint hint*


*if you follow me on Twitter, you know coffee is MOST important.


Fruits and nothing but fruits for breakfast. I still have some Icelandic Herbal Tea left – maybe I’ll grab some later on. For now, though, a second coffee is already on the stove.


Finally, some yoga. As you can see this pic was taken with the crappy quality of my phone. Please admire my daffodils that just won’t bloom (I still believe in them, though!).

Yes, I’ve closed the window to hit the sunlight reflection back to any nosy neighbours’ faces. I don’t want them laughing if I fall from my Crow Pose (I DIDN’T, HA!).

Never fear, this is as far as my healthy lifestyle goes.


…see? :)
I should explain. After yoga and a shower I started working, and at some point I (of course) procrastinated a bit (sure!) and opened facebook. Hadn’t done it in ages. And I came across a very nasty message not worth repeating.

Thankfully for me, Twitter support is always there. Being alone with a lonely profession in a lonely country with people who enjoy being lonely (when you don’t), twitter is my pride and joy – and it didn’t fail to deliver this time: Two lovely gentlemen were there to make me feel better, and one of them suggested I got some cake. WHICH I DID. Oh, because did I mention how I have the most amazing bakery just down the corner? Well, I do :) So this lifted my spirits so much and allowed me to go back to work.


At some point, though, I remembered I’m doing the Day in the Life today and that I promised myself I would try and make it interesting, even if I’m in the middle of deadlines (which, to be fair, involves me sitting in front of my desk from dawn to dusk and beyond with the occassional tiger-in-a-zoo pacing around the place.

NO MA’AM, not today. We’re going out, even if it’s just a short walk.


Although I live in a second floor, my lovely bike Farrah is right outside on the hallway. That way I make sure I can grab it and run rather than go inside the bike room downstairs: I have a creepy guardian (again, if you follow me on twitter you’ve seen my drawing of him, I trust?) and the quicker I can go through the hall, THE BETTER.
We’re going to the park, though, so we won’t be needing to take Farrah out.


Celebratory pic on the hallway to a)celebrate that I didn’t run into my guardian – b) celebrate the fact that I have my name on a mailbox – c) ironically prove the point of the nasty fb message.
Oh, and d) if you ever see a brightly coloured blob in the street, it’s probably me. Specially if it’s a yellow blob.


I freaking love the place I live in :3
It’s not touristic at all, it’s both a touch of “Fancy Cliché Paris” with “Tiny Village Buildings” and trees, loads of trees. I love it so so so much.
Plus, it’s so quiet. You don’t have the feeling of being in the capital at all. I looooove it.


In particular, this is one of my favourite corners in the city. It’s a small private street that leads straight to the park – it’s like a collection of fairytale houses.


That’s Misifus the cat. Dunno if that’s his name – but it is to me since I met him a few months ago.


Spring is about to come – but I have a special love for how the branches look without the leaves in winter.


We’re in the park! Didn’t I promise trees?

It’s Saturday, and it’s sunny – so loads of people are on the grass just lying there. I’m here for the runners, though – but not in the way you think.


I go up on the hill, and just draw the faces they’re making when they reach the top. They’re going fast, so they won’t care about me and I have a few seconds to capture the whole thing, which is great fun. AND, they’re so freaking tired they don’t pay attention the the faces they’re making, or the body language they have. Which is even better.


This is another of my guilty pleasures. SO MANY ODD CHARACTERS WALKING AROUND.


Time to move along, though. (isn’t this pretty? :D)


More characters on the way…


The art supplies shop around the corner. It’s somewhat expensive but good for emergencies. And so good to just drool around…


I mean…


On the way back home, I usually run into this corner and it always makes me smile. On the sign it says “Please, do not leave any trash on this sidewalk” and then it’s got some pictures of trash on the sidewalk. Either people find it ironical and love to trash it, either they don’t understand French and think those are examples of what to do on this corner… there’s ALWAYS something. Always.


In the next corner, though, I ran into a surprise. LAST ONE LEFT – really? For me? WOO-HOO, free stuff! :D (And pretty too!)


This was a most productive walk – now I have a brand new briefcase with some badly cut red wrapping paper, where I can store my art supplies. Way to go!


So now we turn the computer back on. My Song of the Sea background desktop background makes my day every day. No matter if we have more work to do, we have a new white briefcase for our art supplies. And, let’s face it…


…All in all, we’re pretty damn lucky to be able to do the things we love, in the place we love. If anyone had shown me this post four years ago and told me this would be a day in MY life, I would’ve laughed it off. But yeah. This is my life. And I love every second of it.
*pours 9th coffee* *no tea today*

Huge thanks to Erika for taking us through her ‘productive’ day. Make sure you check out Erika’s work here and why not chat to her over on twitter.