A Social Media City by Ben Voldman

Mike Ng Posted by Mike Ng10th Jun 14


In the May 2014 issue of Fast Company, Ben Voldman produced a fantastic textured 3D piece to highlight Chinese tech startup Tencent as being the new kid on the ‘social media block’. Apart from the bags of character and the illustrative humour, the piece is packed FULL of detail (as pictured below). Ben told us briefly about his process…

“My work is a mixture of 3D and painted textures. I normally start everything in my sketchbook, with tiny little thumbnails trying to find an interesting composition.”


“Then I slowly enlarge that sketch and add more detail. From the final approved sketch, I’ll then bring it into 3D where I’ll model the forms as well as apply textures I’ve painted in my studio.”


“Although my work is digital I try to give everything a hand-made feel as much as possible. I’m a firm believer in drawing constantly in your sketchbook and using that as your starting point for projects.”

bv-tencent-detail-1 bv-tencent-detail-2 bv-tencent-detail-3 bv-tencent-detail-4 bv-tencent-detail-5

Ben has ton’s more editorial work (Inc. Magazine, Adweek, Boston Globe, Washington Post) on his website – so get your looking eyes on them!