Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan21st Sep 09


ammo magazine was released to the world recently, a pocket sized, illustration filled little mag, (it is more like a small book than a magazine really) but packing a pretty strong punch. With 4 in depth interviews and then a wide range of illustrations covering the rest of the pages. It gives a good balance of how the contemporary illustration scene is looking, and how it could look if one of the talented but relatively unknown guys break through.

“…We don’t care whether the artwork’s been created using the humble pencil, mighty fineliner, Mouse, felt tip pen, crayon, Wacom pen, paint brush, fingers or any other method – we want to see it…”

So, load up those creative guns with this inspirational ammo and buy it now! If your one of these rising stars of illustration, needing a platform for your work, then look no further, submit!

Oh, and while your browsing the lovely new ammo magazine, (that you’ve just bought) please have a little look at page 49. Cheers, yours gratefully ;) … Oh, and coincidently, the awesome Camelia Dobrin, (whose also in the magazine) has just been featured here on TC, and fast becoming one of our favourites (keep your eyes out for this illustrator).

The list of all artists featured: Andy Council, Colin Hood, Mr Penfold, Whyisbox, Aaron Miller, Al Murphy, Anke Weckmann, Camelia Dobrin, Christine Mann, Gemma Correll, Ill.Design, Jeffrey Bowman, Karo Knitter, Katari, Matt Pattinson, Messy Msxi, Mr Millerchip, Natalie Ratkovski, Rathinan Thaijareorn, Rod Hunt, Scott Pollard, Stephen Chan, Taylor White, Yuta Onoda



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