Boxbird | A to B Exhibition

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan19th Mar 10


After the roaring success of last years film inspired, Cinemascope Exhibition, and gaining the Brighton, Fringe Festival 2009 ‘Best in Show Winners’ award, Boxbird are back and aiming for that grand prize again. This time round they have opted for the handmade approach, asking all artists involved to produce something using contemporary printmaking skills & Illustration. The theme this year is equally exciting, inspired by travel, and weird and wonderful adventures, and just the few previews above show the diversity in styles and imagination for the amazing journey that will be the A to B Exhibition.

“…Join Boxbird and over 30 artists from across the globe for one of the Brighton Fringe Festival’s most eagerly anticipated exhibitions with new and exclusive work by some incredible talent including Jon Burgerman, Graham Carter, Lidia de Pedro, Peepshow Illustration Collective and Modern Toss…” – Boxbord Gallery

Unfortunately, we don’t have anymore information on other artists’ submissions, we do however have details about that I would love to share with everyone (sorry for the shameless plug again).



Stephen Chan – 2 Colour Screenprints