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Bright Illustrations

Ste Johnson Posted by Ste Johnson23rd Sep 14


Illustration agents are a main stay of an illustrators career, with them they have more chance of regular work than without them. They also offer support and advice for their recruits and of course take on the side of the business that we as illustrators generally don’t have the greatest affinity with, that of finding and chasing clients.

It’s got to be a good fit though and one agent I continually hear good things about is Bright. The Bright Group offer representation for children’s illustrators, editorial and advertising illustrators, writers and licensing for illustrative products (cards, prints etc) they’ve got a lot of talented folk on their books and quite a few I follow and talk to on twitter, all of whom have always commented on how good Bright are with work and support and from my perspective I love how welcoming bright and their artists are to new talent being introduced into the fold.

So whilst getting an agent is hard – its important to know that when you do get one you feel like you’re well represented and looked after and from the amazing work the Bright artists are creating I can safely assume, it’s a very bright group indeed.

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