The TC crewThunder Chunky 2003

By ‘eck, it’s a new look TC!

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe1st Aug 11

The TC crew

As you may have noticed, Thunder Chunky has been pretty quiet for the last 6 months or so. But we’re now back, with a swanky new site, designed by one of two new additions to the TC editorial team, Adam Irwin a.k.a. Doodlicious!

The other new addition is Ben The Illustrator, who finally gets his name up on the board, even though he’s been helping out with TC for a number of years now. Both these guys have a great eye for creativity, so look out for their posts in the near future!

I thought it would only be polite to give a TC update whilst we’re here too…

Where have we been?

Well firstly, we all have day-jobs and TC is a labour of love. The past year has been hectic – particularly for Mike, who is now a dad! And then the other reason is that we devoted the spare time we had to The Renmen Project, the charity project we set up with Ben, which still has some incredible work available, with all proceeds going to UNICEF.

Why the change?

Although we loved the old TC, we always felt that we could put something together which allowed you folks to better explore and find articles. Did you know, for example, that TADO have featured in 13 different TC articles over the years? Or that it was way back in 2004 when we first interviewed Jon Burgerman?

Thunder Chunky 2003

Thunder Chunky – circa 2003!

Things to explore

The biggest new addition to the site is the TC Back Catalogue, which house all articles ever published on TC. We were surprised at just how many articles there have been over the years! The search option is now vastly improved as well, so hopefully you may actually be able to find what you’re looking for now!! There’s also lots of new sharing and discussion thingys as well, so hopefully you’ll find it easy to share something if you like it, or even…. G+ it!

And finally…

We’ll be adding new content as regularly as possible, sending out a new newsletter, and also gradually going through all the old articles and graphically-remastering them – and we’re trade-marking that phrase!

So roll on the new TC and please spread the word to all your lovely friends. :)