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Computer Arts Projects #126

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe29th Jun 09

Computer Arts Projects cover

We’re very excited to reveal a preview of the upcoming cover for Computer Arts Projects #126. Imagine if you had a Harlem Globetrotters-style team of the world’s top illustrators who all collaborated to produce one mad composition. Well this is it! It’s a breath-taking list of artists who are featured, but here we go…

Peskimo, Mark Verhaagen, Tado, JamFactory, Niark 1, Mijn Schatje, Jon Burgerman, 123 Klan, Triclops studio, Jeremyville, Lunartik, Alexis West, Loworks, Sourbones, Skaffs, Aaron Miller, Eboy, Superdeux, Misu2020, Motomochi, Meomi, 64 Colors, Supakitch and Kozyndan!

Now, the question is… can you identify all of their characters!?!? The magazine goes on sale on the 16th July, so make sure you grab yourself a copy for the bookshelf!

Close up 1
Close up 2
Close up 3

Some close-ups of the characters!

A must buy item! And thanks to @alanwardle for the sneak pics