Computer Arts Projects | issue 128: Freelance Survival Guide

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan15th Sep 09


“…The dedicated folk at McFaul Studio slaved right to the wire to deliver a graphic novella packed with deadline demons, tax zombies and technological pitfalls, and quite frankly there’s no better way to introduce our freelance survival issue…”

Surviving as a freelancer is a complicated task indeed, well, for the majority of us anyway. They’re those that just graduate and become superstars straight away, and then there’s the one who slave away, building up the experience slowly; the veterans. This issue is a collection of all that design industry advice, all that experience, all pack in to this beautiful looking magazine.

This is | “The Freelance Survival Guide” !! This issue can not be faulted at all, from the mindblowing gatefold cover by McFaul, (one of the greatest UK design studios) to the detailed content that explores the world of freelancing.

I would like to take this chance to show my gratitude towards Computer Arts Projects for letting a novice illustrator like myself to be involved in such a great issue, maybe ‘the greatest’ issue of Computer Arts Projects.



Close Up – Stephen Chan ‘Designer Challenge’ illustration