Craig Robinson’s Flip Flop Flyin’ flower

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe20th Nov 14


There’s a bit of a pixel art theme going on this week, as today I’ve been bowled over by this epic flower artwork by an old friend of TC, Craig Robinson, AKA Mr Flip Flop Flyin’ — who I realised we interviewed a whopping TEN YEARS AGO! This piece began as simply the above image, and then over a series of revisions ended up as the huge brilliant piece below. I asked Craig for a quick insight into the piece…

“It started with the very simple first version which was the idea that everything in the ground helps (or hinders) flowers and plants and trees grow. So that first version was all about that one flower growing out of dead plants, dead animals, buried cities, etc. Then the project grew and grew, mostly because I enjoyed drawing it. I added stuff above ground, then into space, and the only direction left was deeper into the earth. The next version will be, I think, the final version, with the core of the earth.

Apart from that, it seems to me that it’s the most Mexico-inspired thing I’ve done. Like textiles, and old Mayan carvings and, most of all, the library at UNAM, a university here.”

Keep scrolling below and enjoy the artwork… and keep an eye on Craig’s blog for the final iteration with the Earth’s core added. Great stuff!