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Creative Zodiac 2012 by SOYU

Mike Ng Posted by Mike Ng23rd Jan 12

Creative Zodiac 2012

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all our Asian Thunder Chunky fans! We can’t imagine how amazing the atmosphere is over there, marking ‘The Year of the Dragon’ throughout the 15 day celebration!

With that in mind, we have the lowdown on a new asian inspired brand called SOYU, set up by TC’s very own Mike aka ME! It was an opportunity to do something great, in both quality of artwork and production to celebrate a classic oriental tradition.

Celebrate Your Animal Year with the Creative Zodiac!

SOYU’s launch project is a set of 12 prints, by 12 fantastic artists inspired by the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Each artist was chosen for their unique style, skill and craft they put in to their pieces. Limited to just 10 prints per piece it is also a response to the mass produced ‘Upload and Order’ printed products that are appearing online.

Robin Boyden Creative Zodiac 2012

24exp Creative Zodiac 2012

Killstudio Creative Zodiac 2012

Travis Price Creative Zodiac 2012

Natsuki Otani Creative Zodiac 2012

Stephen Chan Creative Zodiac 2012

J3 Concepts Creative Zodiac 2012

Each A2 giclee piece is digitally printed on 315gsm cotton uncoated rag by print enthusiasts Ripe Digital, resulting in some of the finest quality wall art you’re likely to see around.

The Artists

The Creative Zodiac has an amazing roster of artists. Familiarise yourself with them if you don’t them already.

The prints are on offer at just £15 for the next week to celebrate Chinese New Year, so why not head on over to the SOYU site and grab one while they’re HOT!

You can also follow SOYU on twitter and Facebook for more info!