Cris Rose | Observation Drone

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan3rd Jul 09

We must have been under a rock these past two years, or blind, but thankfully through Twitter, and up to the minute vinyl toy sites like TOYSREVIL & VINYL TOYS (to name just a few of our new friends) we are exposed to some seriously talented vinyl customisers. This guy, Cris Rose, must have customised nearly every single vinyl toy blank out there, but we’ve only just noticed him now. We all love robots, and Cris is the specialist in this department, transforming all those little plastic objects in to a robotic army.

The latest edition to his list is his 1/1 Edition – ‘Observation Drone’ custom MAD*L, Jungle coloured. There is a sneak peak above, and the release date for it will be 6pm, today, over at Cris’s online Vinyl Store.

UPDATE* more detailed photos released on Cris’s Flickr Album.