Drawing LINE by Mr. Dan Woodger

Ste Johnson Posted by Ste Johnson9th Jul 14


What started as a look at the fabulous work of Mr. Dan Woodger has for the time being just profiled one job he’s (still in the middle of) produced. LINE is a messaging app – you can read more about it on Mr. Woodger’s tumblr blog. One read tells the mammoth task he was presented with and this showcase is a tip of the hat to not just the quantity of work he’s produced but the quality and variety too.

Mr. Woodger was asked to create 1000 emoticons for the app in 10 weeks!! He writes in his blog it was 18 hour days. I’m sure his endurance and sanity was pushed too the limit but what he has produced is nothing short of breath-taking. A fresh, vibrant & thoroughly entertaining set of wonderfully drawn illustrations that are unique and visually stunning. I certainly will be getting my LINE.