Drip for Drip coffee cup illustrations

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe14th Sep 17

Recently I’ve been enjoying a project called Drip for Drip. Run by illustrator Wijtze Valkema, the concept is that he does a new coffee cup illustration alongside invited artists, usually adopting a similar colour palette and theme. But he also does mini interviews with the artists, and asks them about their work and their coffee habits. Turns out most people aren’t that fussy! But it’s always fun to read. So go check it out!

With Wijtze’s cup design always on the right, the other artists featured here, in order, are Aart-Jan Venema, Bratislav Milenkovic, Cachetejack, Dave Bain, Fonzy Nils, Jason Sturgill, Rachel Briggs and Timo Meyer.