eBoy’s deskspace self-portraits

Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe19th Nov 14


It’s always great to get a sneaky inside look at someone’s workspace, but I think it’s quite appropriate that eBoy should show us their deskspaces in the format they usually work in… pixel art! So these are the desks of eBoy’s team: Kai (above), Steffen (immediately below) and Svend (bottom). Anybody else fancy drawing their own desk? I see a trend starting!

Kai had a quick chat with us about how his setup has adapted recently…

“I switched to a MacBook recently and stand most of the time. Sometimes I take it off the hooks and sit, but that doesn’t happen very often. I think it’s been two years now – or even longer – since I started to work standing, and it is a lot better than sitting the whole day. A surprising side effect is that I don’t need to sit as much when I’m out. I can relax, just standing anywhere.

A second change that was very useful was to use a pen tablet on the right hand and Apple’s magic trackpad for the left hand. The keyboard is in the center. This setup feels like being able to take things into both hands – it has worked incredibly well for me.”

Keep up to date on all things eBoy over on their site, as well as on their not-well-known Twitter @eBoyArts.