Eeshaun | Anything Also Anyhow Exhibition

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan12th Mar 10


The Master of GardenSilly and good friend of Thunder Chunky Mr Eeshaun (who we Interviewed way back in December 2008) is back with his 2nd Solo Exhibition ‘Anything Also Anyhow’.

Kicking off today, featuring new paintings and drawings, in conjunction with the new store opening of ActuallyActually, Singapore. Eeshaun must be one of the hardest working illustrators in Singapore. Looking at his portfolio puts most of us to shame. In just 2009 alone, he’s produced over 25+ new pieces of work, with clients ranging from Ikea, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard, Addidas to name a few. This exhibition shows off his immense talent and creativity, infecting us with his own unique style.

Date: Friday, 12 March 2010
Time: 7pm- 930pm
Venue: Actually Actually (16A Purvis Street)

Anything Also Anyhow Exhibition Event page on facebook.


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