Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe22nd Sep 09


Something we’re really looking forward to here at TC Towers is the upcoming graphic novel from Com.x, Forty-Five. Rather than try and explain the story ourselves, the Com.x guys kindly summed it up for us…

Journalist, James Stanley, is faced with the imminent birth of his child. Having decided to forego the test that would determine whether his child is carrying the all-important “Super-S” gene, which differentiates the genetic makeup of a superhero from that of a normal person, James sets out on a quest to interview forty-five super-powered individuals in the hope that their experiences may better prepare him for the birth of a child that is potentially gifted with extraordinary abilities.

The story itself sounds ace, but what’s got us totally hooked is that each page of the novel (ie. each separate super-power interview) is illustrated by a different comic artist! And the line-up is mighty impressive, featuring big-hitters like Liam Sharp and the guys featured above, Steve Sampson and Sean Phillips. Not to mention friend-of-TC, the super-talented Lee Carter!! (read the interview we did with Lee here)

The book is going to hit the streets early december so get down to your local comic book store asap to pre-order it! And we’ll also be catching up with the author, Andi Ewington, for an exclusive interview before the release date. Watch this space! Keep an eye on the 45 blog as well for more details.