Skwak, Superdeux and Geneveive GauklerScott Jackson characters


Jon Raffe Posted by Jon Raffe27th Jul 08

Skwak, Superdeux and Geneveive Gaukler

As part of the TC summer hols, I’ve just got back from a few days in sunny France, so I thought I’d post up some recent work from a few of my favourite French designers and illustrators. Skwak has just done some insanely vivid summer campaign work for KOFOLA fashion. SUPERDEUX have put together a funky sun-tinged nostalgic music video for the band KEEDZ for their song “Stand on the Word”. You can watch it directly on their homepage or via Dailymotion. Genevieve Gauckler designed a new toy for Medicom Toys called Pierre. You can’t beat a good ol’ mental plush toy! And if you’re interested in spending some Euros on a trip to Paris then you really need to check out Colette and Artoyz!

And if you can’t make it to Paris, then why not treat yourself to French-themed Dunny from Kidrobot. Any other French inspiration? Leave your comments with suggestions!

Other news this week:

Scott Jackson characters

Scott Jackson characters

He’s not French, but we enjoyed checking out Scott Jackson’s work. He was recently interviewed over at Designfeedr and his character work is well worth checking out!

Finally, it’s the closing week of the AOI Images 2009 competition. It’s the UK’s only jury-selected illustration competition (apparently) and you could get some really good exposure from it, so if you’ve done a piece of work this year you’re proud of, then head on over and submit!