G40 Money Printing

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan5th Mar 10


Money makes the world go round, we need it to survive our day to day lives and cover our basic necessities. It gives us the power to make the lives of our families better, but it is also the thing which makes us lie, cheat and steal.

Our good friend Kenn Munk has set up this clever little exhibition piece, bridging the gap between art and design, exploring our never ending need for ‘more money’. This low tech money printing station allows you to print as much money as you want, then pay whatever amount you feel it is worth. Kenn even expects people to leave sweet wrappers and other bits of rubbish in the safe box, or even rob it, but this just further strengthens the meaning behind the art installation.

This money printing station is a part of Art Whino, Crystal City BID and Vornado’s G-40: The Summit, a month long (March 2010) exhibition and event series featuring over 800 artists from around the world.

“..Our mission is to bring you the largest body of work from innovators of the New Brow Art otherwise labeled Pop-Surrealism, Lowbrow and Urban Contemporary worldwide to one place. Our collection of artists has grown to 800 strong..” – Art Whino


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