Grand Kind Haiyan Print Auction

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan6th Dec 13


We were recently informed of a charity art auction by organisers Ciara Phelan and Lydia Wong of Grand Neue. They’ve started a wonderful project to raise money for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal. These great people who previously raised over £5000 for the Japanese Tsunami Appeal, are back again, donating their free time and showing just how much love and support we creatives can offer at times like these.

If you were planning on buying a Christmas gift for a creative friend, have a look here, Grand Kind Haiyan. You’ll be getting a beautiful print from some of the leading contemporary illustrators and helping raise money for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

Luke Best

Robert Hunter

‘…In response to the devastating typhoon that ripped through the Philippines we have organised a charity print auction to raise money for the Disaster Emergency Committee’s Philippines Typhoon Appeal. We have received some incredible donations of artwork from a number of leading contemporary illustrators and designers including Hugo&Marie, Hvass&Hannibal, the Peepshow Collective and Nous Vous. These artworks will be auctioned on eBay over the course of the next 10 days and all proceeds will be donated to the DEC…”
Grand Neue

Ryan Todd

Sister Arrow