Hairloom + Caramel

Stephen Chan Posted by Stephen Chan22nd Jan 09

It’s always exciting to hear about new design events, exhibitions and stores opening, but at the same time really depressing. Usually they’re a million miles away, or well, we rarely have time to attend due to our day jobs. So, when we got an email through from Kuanth, about his new ‘Salon/Cafe’ opening in Singapore, we were both amazed ‘and’ down.

The recently opened ‘Hairloom & Caramel’ is a combination of hair, beauty, fashion and food, with a warm, cozy atmosphere. The graphics, exteriors, interiors, furnishings, tableware are lovingly hand-crafted and chosen. The images of the home-made foods and desserts make the mouth water and stomach rumble. Why is it so far away? Hopefully, they’ll do so well, they’ll open another branch in Liverpool…… please……!!!